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"Strengthening ASEAN Risk Assessment Capability to Support Food Safety Measures Project”

is conducted under the ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Program (AADCP), participated by all 10 ASEAN Member Countries.  The purpose of the project is to build confidence in ASEAN's ability to support domestic safe food production and consumption, and facilitate international trade and competitiveness.  The project provides scientific staffs with training and hands on experience in the preparation of systematic risk assessments and supports more effective communication between risk assessors and risk managers.

The two years project, starting from September 2005, is collaboratively supervised by the ASEAN Secretariat and ASEAN Expert Group on Food Safety (AEGFS) in cooperation with ASEAN Food Safety Network (AFSN) and ASEAN Subcommittee on Food Science and Technology (SCOST). 

Enthusiastically, AFSN, a platform for Sectoral ASEAN bodies related to food safety to cohesively collaborate and exchange information on food safety, plays a role as a Risk Communication Networking of the project.  Useful Information which are provided on the website include a directory of risk assessors and risk managers , systematic description of national food safety framework in Member Countries as well as results of the case studies carried out under the project.